2016 Houston Pet Expo

Come join us this weekend for the 2016 Houston Pet Expo at the Pasadena Convention Center!!


We will be bringing some kittens to demonstrate two different classes eligible for showing in the TICA registry.  Just look for the TICA booth and you will find us and our kittens!


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Alora Cats Open House

Come join us this weekend and visit with our new

Savannah litters!!

We will be showing kittens and retirees on 2/6/16-2/7/16 10am-8pm.  Call/Text us if interested:  281-698-7030.

We have two litters of Savannahs.  One litter is F7C, out of Rosalie & Manjaro Omari.  The second litter is SBT and out of Tesla and Belafamilia Wolfgang.

To check out all of our litters, parents and available cats, visit Alora Cats Kittens.

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International Cat Show in Waxahachie, TX


Merry Christmas everyone!  We hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving and are ready for the holidays.  This weekend there is a cat show in Waxahachie, TX.   We’ll be bringing two bengals, SGC Batifoleurs Fitzcarraldo and our newest addition, Savoir Faire Sabine.  Additionally, we are also bringing two household pets, Pekoe and Bamm Bamm.  Come join us and see breeds of cats you probably never seen before!!  There will be Ragdolls, Maine Coons, Sphynx, Oriental Shorthairs and many, many more.

When:  December 12 – 13, 2015  9:00am-4:00 pm

The show hall is climate controlled and handicapped accessible. People food will be available in the show hall and outside food is allowed.

Where:  Ellis County Youth Expo Center
2300 W. Highway 287 By-Pass
Waxahachie, Texas 75167

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The International Cat Association Cat Show in Oklahoma City, OK – October 17-18, 2015.

2015 TICA cat Show in Oklahoma City, OK

Come join us in Oklahoma City this weekend for anther wonderful cat show.  We will be showing four cats this time!


Bengaland Pandoras Box of AloraCats


Batifoluers Fitzcarraldo of AloraCats


Batifoleurs Amadeus of AloraCats

We will also be showing our household pet, Bamm Bamm!

FELINE GROOVY Allbreed & Household Pet Cat Show September 26 – 27,2015

Come join us in Sturtevant, WI for our next cat show.  We will be showing RW SGC Batifoleurs Fitzcarraldo and Batifoleurs Amadeus!

Male Bengal Cat - Silver Seal Mink

RW Supreme Grand Champion Batifoleurs Fitzcarraldo

Male Bengal Kitten

Batifoleurs Amadeus