RW SCG Batifoleurs Fitzcarraldo | Preston Smith Photography

Here are some photos by Preston Smith.  He is a very dedicated and talented photographer.

Fitzcarraldo is a regional winner, supreme grand champion in the TICA registry.  He’s a seal mink silver bengal male.

IA300666 IA300669 IA300677 IA300695 IA300700 IA301397 IA301404

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2015 Zuriel Litter

Bengal Kittens!!

This is a brown spotted male bengal kitten.   His brother is a marble and available.  Stay tuned for his photos!



DSC05754b DSC05762b DSC05765b DSC05768b

Photos taken 11/3/2015.


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2015 Fitcarraldo Litter – Growing up fast!

Here is a brown spotted male bengal whose sire is a silver seal mink.  He also has a brother that will be photographed soon!

Bengal Kitten

Sire: Batifoleurs Fitzcarraldo

DSC05671 DSC05673 DSC05706 DSC05712


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