2016 Houston Pet Expo

Come join us this weekend for the 2016 Houston Pet Expo at the Pasadena Convention Center!!


We will be bringing some kittens to demonstrate two different classes eligible for showing in the TICA registry.  Just look for the TICA booth and you will find us and our kittens!


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Savannah Kitten – 2015 Litter

Watch our Savannah kitten play!   Savannah Kitten


This kitten is available and from our 2015 litter.  If interested, please call/text us at 281-698-7030.  After he receives his 3rd round of vaccinations and microchip, he will be ready for his new home.



FELINE GROOVY Allbreed & Household Pet Cat Show September 26 – 27,2015

Come join us in Sturtevant, WI for our next cat show.  We will be showing RW SGC Batifoleurs Fitzcarraldo and Batifoleurs Amadeus!

Male Bengal Cat - Silver Seal Mink

RW Supreme Grand Champion Batifoleurs Fitzcarraldo

Male Bengal Kitten

Batifoleurs Amadeus










Saturday, September 5, 2015. CFA Show in Schertz, TX

Come join us at the CFA cat show in Schertz, TX on Saturday, September 5, 2015.  Bengals and Savannahs are not allowed in a CFA show, but our household pet will be there!  Bamm Bamm loves attention and people.


CFA Cat Show

TICA cat show at the Denver county fair!!

This past weekend we exhibited bengal cat, Batifoleurs Fitzcarraldo and bengal kitten, Batifoleurs Amadeus of AloraCats, at the Denver county fair.  This was the first time TICA held a cat show at the Denver county fair!!  There were so many art exhibits, entertainment, vendors and PEOPLE!

Fitzcarraldo ended up with 3 best cats out of 10 finals in addition to a 3rd and 4th best cats, which is a huge success for him.  He really enjoyed the show and the judges attention.  We are very proud of him!

Amadeus finished with a 9th, 5th and 2nd best kittens.  He’s sill shy, so hopefully after a bit more training he will start enjoying himself like Fitzcarraldo at the next show.

Video of Batifoleurs Fitzcarraldo in a cat show final: Fitzcarraldo in a final. He’s number 215!

The International Cat Association Show in Temple, TX


Pictured above is Batifoleurs Amadeus of AloraCats. He is our newest addition to our cattery.  On June 28-29, 2015, he earned three best kittens at a TICA show in the UK.

On July 4, 2015, he made it to five finals and ended up Best Bengal Kitten in show at the TICA show in Temple, TX.

batifoleurs fitz

Above is Batifoleurs Fitzcarraldo.  He also earned five finals at the TICA show in Temple, TX and Best Bengal Adult in show.  He is a seal mink silver in color.